Why Insulate?

There is no better way to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases and leave a light carbon footprint in your building developments than by using mechanical insulation.

Mechanical insulation saves energy, money, and the environment.

If all BC's buildings with insulation deficiencies were retrofitted, annual energy use would be reduced by 280 Gigawatts! That’s enough energy for nearly 24,000 homes!

Retrofitting BC buildings with quality assured mechanical insulation would save $9.7 million every year!

Properly insulating deficient BC buildings through retrofits would cut a 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – that’s the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road!

Insulation Saves More than just energy

Mechanical insulation presents a key opportunity for energy and costs savings, while delivering health and safety benefits in the construction, maintenance and livability of BC’s buildings. BC has some of the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets in the world. Mechanical insulators have the training, expertise and commitment to meet these exacting standards. Properly installed mechanical insulation saves money as soon as the switch is turned on. It pays for itself in a short period of time. Wasted energy costs consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars across the country. And the cost to the environment for future generations will be even higher.

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