Local 118 News Bulletin | February 2022

Bargaining Process Proposal

Local 118 is looking for member input into this year’s bargaining proposals. Both the VSB and Standard agreement are up to be bargained this year. Please send ideas and suggestions to insulators@insulators 118.org or complete the survey.

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Equity Committee

This committee will be made up of members who are dedicated to creating and maintaining room for current and future members who may be from underrepresented groups within our union and our trade. Working with partner organizations, the committee will support initiatives that align with our goal to increase diversity and inclusion in our membership.

We are looking for members who have a story to tell about their experience as an insulator, and are willing to engage with decision makers to strengthen our alliances to promote the trade to potential members, and provincial and federal politicians. Please contact Sylvia if you are interested.

Improvements to Member Communication

Members will be noticing changes in the way we communicate with Journey persons, and apprentices, and potential members. We are making every effort to modernize all of our forms and paperwork, making them easier to manage. We have decided that our forms and applications are onerous for members who don’t have scanners and printers, or a desk top computer at home. We are now using Adobe sign software to make this easier from a cell phone.

We have started a Direct Withdrawal savings program for apprentices to set aside money for school.

Apprentices will be communicated more frequently to ensure hat they are ready to attend school as scheduled. Nothing is being left to chance. There are over 160 apprentices and we can’t afford to have the classes not filled to capacity.