Lobbying Day 2018 in Ottawa

Following Women Build Nations, Brother Lee Loftus and Sister Ashley Duncan joined BC Building Trades and Canadian Building Trades in Ottawa for Lobby Day.

“It was such a cool experience, I was so grateful to be able to join. We met with every party to discuss CBA’s, women in trades, the underground economy, and many other issues important to our members and unions. I didn’t realize how much our union ties in with Provincial and Federal politics. It was eye-opening and I was proud to be able to participate.” says Sister Duncan. “It was a great experience and I think they really heard us, and the issues we presented to them.”

Sister Duncan and Brother Loftus were also joined with other union business managers and representatives from British Columbia, including IUOE 115 and UA 170. “We’re stronger when we band together and target these issues together.” says Ashley. “These aren’t things that effect only one union. If something impacts one of us, it impacts all of us.”

While in Ottawa it was also announced that the Federal government will be officially banning asbestos in Canada in the start of the new year, which is something Brother Loftus and this Local have been championing for a long time.

“The ban will stop the importation of asbestos containing materials into Canada. It’s hard to believe this battle has been underway for over half a century.” says Brother Loftus.

(L-R) Josh Towsley, IUOE 115; Al Phillips, UA 170; Lee Loftus, Insulators 118; John Aldag, Liberal Member of Parliament; Ashley Duncan, Insulators 118; Darryl Schmidt, IBEW 993.
(L-R) Darryl Schmidt, IBEW 993; Ashley Duncan, Insulators 118; Elizabeth May, Green Member of Parliament; Lee Loftus, Insulators 118; Josh Towsley, IUOE 115; Al Phillips, UA 170.
Canadian Building Trades Monument. This monument honours all those who build, or have built, Canada.
Insulators at the Canadian Building Trades Monument.
Parliament of Canada.