Gitxaala Nations and ACCESS Trades Visit BCIT

Today Francesca de Bastiani of Gitxaala Nations and Rob Egan of ACCESS Trades, came in for a tour of our shop with Brother Ken Jakobsson and Sister Ashley Duncan.

They were excited to see all our current Second Years in the shop, and excited to learn more about our trade.

L to R: Nathaniel De Rappard-Scott, Bill Berlinski, Instructor Rob Sheck, Haydn Preston, Nicolas Wilson, Anthony Srhoj, Lindsay Sangster, Stephen Johnson, Crystal Guay, Stefan Birsa, Chris Surridge, Instructor Ken Jakobsson, Daniel Loftus, Leon Stephens, Dale Adams.


ACCESS Trades provides a diverse assortment of education, training, counselling, support and financial services designed to help members of the urban Aboriginal community overcome barriers that may stand in the way of success and self-sufficiency.

Gitxaala Nations  stretch from  the Nass river to Aristazabel Island, on the north coast of what is now British Columbia. The Gitxaała , also known as Git Lax M’oon, people of the saltwater  are one of the most ancient societies on the coast. The village of Lach Klan (Kitkatla, BC) has been continuously inhabited since time immemorial. Gitxaała hereditary leaders from the four clans, Gisputwada, Ganhada, Lax’sgiik and Laxgibuu, manage and protect their territories and resources according to their ayaawx, traditional laws. Gitxaała harvesters use almost 100 different marine and terrestrial resources to feed their community. Gitxaała citizens, currently numbering 1992,  wherever they reside, celebrate their history, practice their traditions, respect their laws, and cherish their lands, waters and resources.

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