Apprentice Scholarship Award

Local 118 would like to be able to share more stories of how some of our apprentices have come to be where they are today. We have created a scholarship award for apprentices who are in our school, and willing to share a brief story about their journey so far in the trade.

We would also like to hear about how/when you came into the trade, what your experience has been like, and if any what goals/aspirations you have for your future in the trade. Selected candidate(s) receive a $250 scholarship. One apprentice will be awarded in each class.

Start date: April 11, 2022

Eligibility and Requirements
● Applicant must be a Local 118 member in good standing and registered in school.
● Applicant must write a brief 200-300 word story about themselves and how school helped them through their insulation careers.
● The story needs to be received no more than 1 week prior to the applicants start date of school.
● Applicant must authorize we publish their story on social media platforms and allow the story to be shared amongst other local 118 members.

We would like to thank all applicants for their time and effort they put into applying for the scholarship. We are looking for an applicant who can share with us their personal stories, how school has/will help them succeed in the trade, and how this scholarship will aide them in their future endeavours. Our goal is also to get to know our apprentices and support them in reaching their goals/aspirations.