58th Annual BC FED Convention

Last week was a full and busy week with Sister Ashley Duncan, Brother Garrett Gronick, Brother Lee Loftus, and Brother Neil Munro attending.

This year was particularly important as Irene Lanzinger stepped down as President, and Aaron Ekman stepped down as Secretary-Treasurer. Everyone had nothing but amazing things to say about both as they depart, and both Brother Lee Loftus and Build TogetHER spoke on the wonderful things Irene has done for the Labour movement. Laird Cronk (IBEW) and Sussanne Skidmore  (BCGEU) were acclaimed and sworn in as the new President and Secretary-Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour. This is exciting news, as this is the first time a BC Building Trades affiliate will take on this role. We look forward to seeing the great things they accomplish together.

There were lots of great speakers through-out the week, a rally to support Postal Workers, and lots of resolutions spoken on and passed. Some of the great speakers who attended included Premier John Horgan, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Minister of Labour Harry Bains. Brother Loftus and Sister Duncan also made waves speaking on CBA’s, with the latter getting a standing ovation with her fellow trade sisters, Chelsea French and Leanne Hughf, of IUOE 115.

Sister Duncan also was part of a panel presentation on Wednesday night called “Paths to Leadership for Women in Underrepresented Sectors”, put on through the BC Centre for Women In Trades Training. It went very well and was well attended, with lots of interesting dialogue and stories.

We look forward to next years BC Fed Convention.

Brother Lee Loftus speaking on CBA’s.
Brother Lee Loftus.
Sister Ashley Duncan speaking on CBA’s with Leanne Hughf and Chelsea French, of IUOE 115.

Premier John Horgan.
Premier John Horgan.
NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh.
Harry Bains, Minister of Labour.
Sister Ashley Duncan and Julia Ballantyne, of UA 516, participating in the rally supporting Postal Workers.
The rally to support Postal Workers.
New Secretary-Treasurer, Sussanne Skidmore.
New President, Laird Cronk.
Sister Duncan speaking on the “Paths to Leadership” panel put on by BC Centre for Women in Trades Training.