Thank You

From the BC Building Trades:

We are supremely grateful to all the workers in every sector who have been going to work so that others can stay safe at home. These include frontline health care workers as well as grocers, pharmacists, custodians, truck and bus drivers, manufacturing workers, municipal, school and post-secondary workers, provincial and federal government workers, and many others.

As the BC Building Trades, we also want to acknowledge the huge contribution by construction workers who are keeping our province going by building and maintaining vital infrastructure. We applaud our members and all the contractors who have kept their operations going by abiding the orders of the provincial health officer and WorkSafeBC.

Local media outlets also deserve a big shoutout for working so hard to ensure we have the information we need to stay safe – an accomplishment, to be sure. Journalists have seen their ranks shrink over the past several years – a consequence of a reduced revenue stream and changing delivery models, among other factors.

We’re proud to support local media – and the workers they employ – with advertising, like the one you see with this post. #SaveLocalNews