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New ITA Exams

(L-R) Brother Parker MacLaren, Brother Riley Feser-Gray, ITA facilitator Chris Bey, Brother Allen Carpenter, Brother Ken Jakobsson.

Today Brothers Parker MacLaren, Riley Feser-Gray, ITA facilitator Chris Bey, Allen Carpenter and Ken Jakobsson were down at the ITA office to work on the second year ITA level challenge exam questions.

Beginning next year all students will be writing a government exam worth 20% of their final grade. This will take place in their first, second and third year classes.

This process, as well as the Inter-Provincial re-writes process, has been on-going over the last few months across all Canadian Provinces, with many of our Brothers and Sisters contributing their expertise. We look forward to having these new exams in place, as well as multiple new Red Seal exams to be used in the next year across Canada. We thank everyone who’s participated for dedicating your time.