Minister Bain’s Report to BC Building Trades Strategy Conference

The BC Building Trades Executive Board was pleased to have Labour Minister Harry Bains report to the Executive Board on the progress made to date by the NDP Government. Minister Bains was accompanied by Parliamentary Secretaries Ravi Kahlon and Bowinn Ma who added their perspective on Proportional Representation.

Minister Bains reiterated his Governments’ agenda to stay focused on the working people of BC. This agenda is based on the pillars of affordability, services, and a sustainable economy. He outlined his Governments’ work to date on the Employment Standards Act, consultations on the Labour Code, including the panel struck to review the code. Submissions are being compiled, and a report to the Minister is due in August.

Minister Bains also talked of the work currently underway to review the Workers Compensation Act and the appointment of new Board members, including Brother Lee Loftus, and Sister Lynn Bueckert. The perspective of the worker will now be better represented on the Board. For too long now the WCB has been working for the employer and not the worker, this needs to change and a balance returned.

He has alluded to an expert being appointed to review the entire act in an effort to improve prevention, enforcement, health and safety, and benefits. Minister Bains ended the report by reminding all of the importance of educating all workers that they have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Insulators VP, Neil Munro with Minister of Labour, Harry Bains.