Meet an Apprentice


My name is Riley Schnell and I am an insulator in the second year of my apprenticeship working towards my goal of a red seal journeyman certification. Currently I am in the process of completing my level 1 schooling at our new training facility in Coquitlam, BC. I recently moved to British Columbia from my home town of Regina, Saskatchewan. I am 32 years old and have spent my adult life working in several different labor jobs; most recently I have worked in the solar industry as an installer. In just my second year of my insulating apprenticeship I am already making more income than I did in previous positions. Insulating has allowed me to earn a competitive wage whilst building towards a bright future in a trade with lots of employment opportunities and room for advancement. Currently I am part of a great team of employees working out of Nanaimo, BC with Aarc-West in the commercial construction division. The variety of experience and skills from my work experience have allowed me to excel at many of the tasks involved in installing insulation. One of my favorite parts about working as an insulator apprentice is the sense of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of finished work. Being able to look back at my hard work that is visible to the public makes me very proud of my craft.