Meet an Apprentice

My name is Marcos and I’ll be starting the level 1 apprenticeship program. Throughout my life I have worked in different fields such as electrician, plumber, and merchant. These activities were carried out in my county, which is Mexico. Carrying out these activities for many years has made me develop skills to be able to work as a team under pressure, be kind to others, and obtain a positive solution to any situation. When I came to Canada after three months, I started working with Coquitlam Insulation. Being able to go to school as an apprentice for me is a personal and professional goal. In the future, I will be able to carry out activities in which I have been familiar for many years and that I am passionate about. Starting as an apprentice will allow me to continue to grow within my company, become an outstanding worker, obtain more tools and knowledge, and be able to better carry out my work activities.