Insulators Local 118 bargains new agreement with CLRA, wins wage & pension increases

Contract signature line with pen

The BC Insulators Local 118 has reached a new 2-year collective agreement with Construction Labour Relations Association employers that will see wage and pension benefit increases for members.

The Local 118 Negotiating Committee met with the CLRA on Tuesday, March 26, 2014 and after a full day of bargaining reached a Trade Level Memorandum of Agreement, with a 2 year roll-over with increases to wages and benefits.

The membership of Local 118 then voted at a General Membership Meeting of April 8 to allocate the $1.50 total wage package as follows:

Monetary Package increase         

Industrial  $1.50 total wage package in 2014 and in 2015 

2014              Wages [including holiday pay]              $1.25   Pension       $.25

2015               Wages  [including holiday pay]            $1.25    Pension       $.25

Commercial/Addendum  total wage package $.50 in 2014 and  $.75 in 2015 

2014               Wages  [including holiday pay]               $.50

2015               Wages  [including holiday pay]               $.50      Health & Welfare $.25

Expiry Date of Agreement – April 30, 2016.

Letters of Understanding or similar documents related to the Agreement will remain in effect.

Family Day in February is now recognized in the contract as a statutory holiday in February, while Heritage Day was removed.