BC Insulators Chill The Greater Vancouver Food Bank!




The BC Insulators are pleased to be able to chill the Greater Vancouver Food Bank – solving an overheating problem and reducing their energy costs!

Greg Stuart, a past member of BC Insulators and now involved with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, recently called on our union’s expertise.

Staff discovered that after a boiler upgrade at the Food Bank warehouse, the adjacent space next to the boiler room was unbearably hot.

The BC Insulators stepped in,  with a generous material donation from Crossroads C&I – insulation distributors and fabricators – and our 2nd year apprenticeship class’ time to insulate the piping and exhaust flues.

The next apprenticeship class will finish the project and run energy usage/ savings profiles with the 3e Insulation program.

Not only has everyone cooled down but we will be able to determine the amount of energy and money saved in making the work space more user friendly.

Thanks for everyone’s help!  And your own donation to the Vancouver Food Bank’s valuable work aiding people in need is always welcome!