Join the BC insulators

Join over 12,000 people in a thriving industry and enjoy the benefits of our collective strength such as better wages, health & safety benefits and greater job security.

Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

Collective Bargaining

BC Insulators Union members join together and negotiate collectively with our employers on what we think is most important – there is strength in numbers. Collective agreements set out wages, benefits, working conditions, job security and other worker rights.

Higher Wages

Being a union member means on average wages are 23% higher than non-union jobs, and even more for women. Over 70% of unionized workers have pensions, compared to less than 30% of non-union workers.

Health and Safety

BC Insulators are dedicated to your safety and want to ensure you have healthy work environments. We protect your right to refuse unsafe working conditions, create workplace health and safety committees and defend you from dangerous employer demands. Construction union workplaces have 30% less critical injury claims.

Greater Job Security

Union membership protects against employers making arbitrary or unfair decisions about layoffs, job assignments and other workplace issues. Unions can file grievances and go to arbitration if needed to protect your rights, and will protect you against discrimination and harassment.

How to Join

Most of our members start through our Apprenticeship Program. If you already have three months of insulation work experience, you can apply to become an apprentice. You will need to provide proof of your job experience. If you have already been working as an insulator, your hours can be put toward the four years required to complete your apprenticeship.


Journeypersons needed! It may be possible to join as a journeyperson with a minimum 6,000 hours of work hours, get in touch to find out more.

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