Collective Bargaining Agreement

Your union takes part in collective bargaining — negotiating workplace terms and conditions on behalf of its members — to develop the workplace contract known as the “Collective Agreement”. The collective agreement covers wages, benefits, working conditions, overtime, work hazards, and much more. All employers who hire Local 118 members sign this collective bargaining agreement By signing they agree to hire only Local 118 members for insulation work, and to abide by all terms and conditions in the contract. They are called our Signatory Employers.

Each contract is valid for a certain term, usually about four years. When a contract is due to expire, here are the steps we take to negotiate a new one.

  • Union members elect / choose a Negotiation Committee from the membership.
  • Members get input into bargaining through attending membership meetings and replying to surveys sent out with our newsletter or on our website.
  • Our Negotiation Committee bargains with the Construction Labour Relations Association of BC (CLRABC) through its representative, not with individual employers.
  • The contract that results will be the contract individual employers sign when they hire union members.

If collective bargaining breaks down, the union members can take a special vote to support a strike. This rarely happens. The last time Local 118 went on strike was in 1986.

The current Collective Agreement is always available for you to read and download.
Collective Agreement 2019-2023

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