Meet an Insulator Apprentice: Declan

My name is Declan and currently I’m a 3rd year apprentice working toward my Red Seal.
I will be entering into level 3 come March 14th, and I couldn’t be more excited to start. After
completing level 1 and 2 and applying the skills I learned in those classes in the field, I’ve
become more of an asset to my company and have been relied on to perform more duties. I
enjoy working with people, and I know that this is an important quality to have in this line of
work. I’m great at developing working relationships with customers and co-workers, and I
work hard to make sure that customers are happy and to bring their business back. I was
born and raised in Oakville Ontario, and moved to BC 4 years ago. I resigned from my
previous position to relocate across the country to give myself a new career opportunity.
Upon arrival, I worked under my uncle for a few months with his concrete business. Once I
moved into the city, I started working for Aarc West and now have a full time position
making a journeyman rate. I am now settled and prepared to take the next steps in my career
and I feel that once I’m through these courses and obtain my red seal, that I will be
confident and ready to take on any project assigned to me. I have met so many different
types of people and have enjoyed working with all my brothers and sisters in the insulation
trade. There are so many great people who work in this profession and I’m honoured to be
one of them. I look forward to seeing where my future will lead me in this great trade.

Written by Declan and submitted to Local 118 on March 6th, 2022