Benefits, Wages, & Pensions

Local 118 negotiates the best possible wages, benefits and pensions for our members during the bargaining process.

All your benefits are outlined in the Collective Agreement. We also have an easy-to-read Pension Plan Booklet, which provides an overview. You can visit our Pension Plan website for more details.

Your benefits and pension are based on the hours you worked. It takes about six months from your first job dispatch to have enough hours fully remitted to become a union member and start being able to use your member benefits. When you are eligible to become a member, the union office will reach out to you and notify you and ask you a few questions and ask you to pay some membership fees. Once you complete this step and become a member, you will be provided forms from D.A. Townley to create your accounts with them and start being able to use your health and wellness benefits.

For more information, and to download forms, visit BC Insulators Benefit Plans.
Download our Pension Plan booklet, an easy-to-read overview.

Our Plan Administrator is D.A. Townley & Associates Ltd.
4250 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4W6
Phone: 604-299-7482
Toll-free: 1-800-663-1356
Fax: 604-299-8136

Wages as of May 1, 2022

Union Apprentice (Typically start at 1st year, 2nd half rate)
Industrial – $24.71 per hour to start
Commercial – $21.19 per hour to start

Union Journeyperson
Industrial – $41.18 per hour
Commercial – $35.31 per hour


Other benefits

Hearing testing — Mobile hearing test provider
Skill Plan — Provides upgrading of literacy and numeracy skills to unionized BC construction workers.
Insulation Industry Scholarships

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