Become an Apprentice


After submitting your resume and meeting us in an interview, you could be matched up with a job opportunity that will allow you to earn while you learn. You’ll work on jobs with other insulators, get a feel for the trade, and gain valuable experience.

After logging enough work hours, you can apply to be registered as an apprentice Insulator Heat & Frost, sponsored by the union. It usually takes about six months to become a union member and begin using your health and wellness benefits.

Call 604-877-0909 or email today. Email us your resume to get the process started today.

Apprenticeship Process

Each year of your apprenticeship, you will attend some classes in Insulator Heat & Frost School. There are various grants, EI, and other financial supports available to help students through the school portions of the apprenticeship. Visit the HFIIAA Training tab for more information about the Insulator (Heat & Frost) Trade school.

Insulator Heat & Frost is a four year apprenticeship that results in achievement of Red Seal Journeyperson status. For detailed information about the program, please check out the Insulator page at the BC Industry Training Authority website: Insulator (Heat and Frost) | ITA BC

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