Why Insulate?


Mechanical insulation 101

There is no better way to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases and produce a light carbon footprint for building developments than by using mechanical insulation.

Mechanical insulation presents a key opportunity for energy and costs savings, while delivering health and safety benefits in the construction, maintenance and livability of BC’s buildings.

BC has some of the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets in the world. Mechanical insulators have the training, expertise and commitment to meet these exacting standards.

Heating and cooling costs are increasing. Mechanical insulation of hot and cold water pipes and ventilation units reduces consumption and costs.

Properly installed mechanical insulation saves money as soon as the switch is turned on. It pays for itself in a short period of time. Depending on a building’s size, the cost of installing mechanical insulation can be recovered between one and five years.

Wasted energy costs consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars across the country. And the cost to the environment for future generations will be even higher.

BC Insulators are Energy Conservation Specialists

BC’s mechanical insulators are leading a campaign to raise awareness among mechanical contractors, building owners, developers, architects, engineers, politicians and senior staff at all levels of government, and the public.

We’re lobbying for comprehensive building codes, meeting and talking with municipal politicians and policy-makers, and providing and presenting educational materials. We can improve the performance of BC buildings.

Find out more about our campaign, check out our Energy Conservation Specialists website, and read our independently-commissioned White Paper.

Insulation saves more than just energy

Concern about the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and using less energy are at the core of the mechanical insulating trade, and have been from its beginning.

Proper mechanical insulation can cut energy usage by 50 per cent and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We support building owners and contractors who are working to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental standards.

Insulation also saves lives

Properly installed mechanical insulation prevents health-endangering mould. Condensation on improperly insulated pipes and ducts create the moist environment where mould grows. Professionally installed insulation prevents the problem from developing.

It also includes firestop and smoke seal systems that prevent smoke and fire from spreading through a building. And it provides better indoor air quality, as required in the latest Green Building Standards.

The members of Local 118, working with professional firestop contractors, are the best in their field.Our Red Seal certified professionals also have the experience and training to safely handle all asbestos removal needs.

An investment that will save you money

Heating and cooling costs are increasing. Reducing energy use through mechanical insulation of hot and cold water pipes and ventilation units is an important part of the solution.

Initial investment in proper mechanical insulation will start saving money in one to five years. Energy lost through poorly insulated buildings costs consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars across the country. The cost to future generations is much higher. Using less energy means generating less carbon dioxide and a better future for our planet.