Most of our members start through our Apprenticeship Program. If you already have three months of insulation work experience, you can apply to become an apprentice. You will need to provide proof of your job experience.

If you haven’t worked in the industry, but you have a high school diploma and good math skills, we can help you get the job experience you need to apply for an apprenticeship.

You start the process by submitting a resume. We will call you once our current quota of apprentices are placed and we have room for more. You’ll work on jobs with other insulators, get a feel for the trade, and gain valuable experience.

After 250 working hours (or approximately three months) in the industry, you will be sent an application to formally join BC Insulators Local 118 and apply to our Apprenticeship Program.

When the application is completed and returned, it is brought to a membership meeting for approval. If your application is accepted, the union office will call and dispatch you as quickly as possible to one of our signatory contractors.

Insulators 118 works closely with employers, who value our highly skilled workers. These are our “signatory contractors” who have signed our union contract, agreeing to uphold all agreements on working conditions, wages, training and safety.

Employers contact the union seeking insulators for a variety of work settings, and the union dispatches members who have notified us that they’re available for work. Most work is in the Lower Mainland, but we dispatch workers to all regions of BC.

You must complete four years of Apprenticeship Training to become a Red Seal Certified Journeyperson Insulator. In addition to the practical training that apprentices receive on the job, you also take four weeks of theory and schooling each year. Classes are held at BC Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC.

If you have already been working as an insulator, your hours can be put toward the four years required to complete your apprenticeship. Your three months work experience through Insulators 118 is also counted.

Find out more about Apprenticeship here.

Journeypersons needed!

It may be possible to join as a journeyperson with

  1. a minimum 6,000 hours of work,
  2. a recommendation from a union member in good standing,
  3. A Red Seal Certificate.

Contact the Local 118 office and ask for a Union Permit Application. You may bring your application and resume to the office in person, or send by mail or fax. You will need to provide proof of your job experience and hours worked.