Employers and the union

BC Insulators has developed a unique and outstanding relationship with employers. We work hard to help companies be competitive, and deliver skilled work. Our employers include contractors, developers, and construction companies.

Employers who work with our union are called Signatory Employers. This means they’ve signed our Collective Agreement that governs wages, benefits, working conditions, safety conditions and much more. Once a company signs with BC Insulators, it must hire our members for all mechanical insulation jobs. And our members may only take work from Signatory Employers, through the union office.

If there are various other trades on a work site, they are not all required to be union members. BC Insulators members can work on a site with other, non-unionized workers in other trades.

When an employer needs insulators, they contact the union, which maintains a list of all its members who are currently not at work. Members are listed by region, whether they are journeypeople or apprentices, and what safety or other training certificates they have. The employer can choose from this list.

Working together with BC Insulators, employers know they have access to the most highly skilled, trained and reliable mechanical insulation workers in the province.