Gitxaala Nations and ACCESS Trades Visit BCIT

Today Francesca de Bastiani of Gitxaala Nations and Rob Egan of ACCESS Trades, came in for a tour of our shop with Brother Ken Jakobsson and Sister Ashley Duncan. They were excited to see all our current Second Years in the shop, and excited to learn more about our trade. […]

58th Annual BC FED Convention

Last week was a full and busy week with Sister Ashley Duncan, Brother Garrett Gronick, Brother Lee Loftus, and Brother Neil Munro attending. This year was particularly important as Irene Lanzinger stepped down as President, and Aaron Ekman stepped down as Secretary-Treasurer. Everyone had nothing but amazing things to say […]

Legislative Assembly of BC, Labour Outreach Session

Brother Lee Loftus and Sister Ashley Duncan attended the Legislative Assembly of BC, Labour Outreach Session earlier today. They spoke with Harry Bains, Minister of Labour, and discussed important issues surrounding CBA’s, WorkSafe, and Women in Trades. It was a well-attended lunch with great conversations surrounding all topics, and we […]