We Need Your Bargaining 2014 Input

Local 118 needs your feedback about our upcoming contract negotiations. We’re asking you to fill out a short form looking for your opinions and ideas to improve our collective agreement. Click here to fill it out online, or to download a hard copy. We’re taking a proactive approach to this […]

Aarc-West is Back

Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation is back with the union. This gives our commercial sector a boost since the company’s several locations employ more than a hundred insulators. The new agreement comes into effect on February 1.

Construction Agreement Signed

The good news is that Local 118 has finally signed an agreement with the CLRA (Construction Labour Relations Association). The bad news is that the contract is for the period starting May1, 2010 and expires at the end of April. “It’s not the best way to do bargaining,” says the […]

Update on Bill C-377

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are determined to ram through Bill C-377, a private members’ bill that will force every union, every union local, every local labour council, every federation of labour and the Canadian Labour Congress to file intrusive financial reports that will be posted on a public website for every […]