RJW National Bursary

The 2018 RJW Bursary Program will be opening to accept applications starting September 15th. Please take advantage of this! For more info, or to put in an application, please go to

Upcoming Membership Meeting

Next meeting is coming up quick on September 11, 2018. This will be a very important meeting, election time is here, and nominations will take place at this meeting. The position that will be up opening up is Business Manager, which is a 5 year term. Get involved, your union […]

Member Jobsite Photos! – CIPA Lumber

Great photos sent in from Rob Sheck, who did this work with AARC West Mechanical Insulation, and is also one of our awesome Instructors! RTO is a regenerative thermal oxidizer that destroys hazardous and VOC pollution. They did corrugated metal on the hoppers and stack with flat profile corner bead flashing, […]

Member Jobsite Photos! – Celgar & Teck

Avery Fayant from Kootenay Comfort Insulation sent a ton of awesome pictures in, but I thought I’d start with all these great photos. These were done at Celgar, Teck, Creston Hospital, and Cranbrook Hospital. Other people who did the work in these photos are Doug Makortoff, Owen Graham, Brad Painter, and Chris Hollingsworth. Great […]