Membership Info

Union Meeting Cancelled

  Tonight’s membership meeting will be cancelled due to the snowfall warning. An e-mail has been sent to all members, please make sure your info is up to date with the hall so you can remain up to date regarding important notices. Please use caution when out or driving today.


Please be careful on the roads and in general, there’s a lot of snow and ice out there. Drive safe, and stay warm!

Gitxaala Nations and ACCESS Trades Visit BCIT

Today Francesca de Bastiani of Gitxaala Nations and Rob Egan of ACCESS Trades, came in for a tour of our shop with Brother Ken Jakobsson and Sister Ashley Duncan. They were excited to see all our current Second Years in the shop, and excited to learn more about our trade. […]

Upcoming Union Meeting

The next membership meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12th. Also between the snow and the -5 weather, remember to stay warm. The roads are extra slippery today, drive smart and stay safe!