Members events

Union Meeting Tonight

Election of Business Manager will take place tonight. We hope to see everyone at the Union membership meeting tonight. As always, meeting will be held at 4333 Ledger avenue, Burnaby at 7:00pm.

Remembrance Day

We hope you can make it out to be part of one of the important ceremonies commemorating Remembrance Day this Sunday. A statutory holiday will follow on Monday, November 12th. If you wish to be part of one of these ceremonies, you can find the Legions list here.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Remembrance Day isn’t a victory celebration, but rather a time to reflect about the sacrifices made by the men and women that have fought for Canada and the defense of other countries. In 2018 Remembrance Day occurs on Sunday, November 11, and ceremonies commemorating the day take place throughout the […]

Upcoming Union Meeting

November is here! Not only is Remembrance Day coming up November 11th, with a stat following on the 12th, but the next union meeting will be November 13th! This will be a very important meeting where we will be counting ballots regarding elections. As always, meeting will be held at […]