Jobsite Photos

T.O.G. Hits Brewery District

At 6:00 am this morning, the Building Trades Opportunity Group got together at the Brewery District in New West. Sister Ashley Duncan was there with the other locals handing out coffee, donuts, and getting potential members signed up to win one of two DeWalt radios. It was pretty wet, but […]

Organizers Committee hits River District

At 6:00 am this morning, the Building Trades Organizers Committee had an organizers rally at River District. Brother Neil Munro and Sister Ashley Duncan were there for the rally, which had coffee, donuts, and two DeWalt radios as a giveaway. There was a lot of interest, and it went very […]

Member Jobsite Photos! – Esquimalt Ship Yard

Jessy McClelland is currently working at Esquimalt Ship Yard with West Coast Insulation. They’re working on a Naval Boat on a mast. This work looks awesome, way to go, Jessy!   Have some great work photos you’d like posted? Send them over! They’ll be posted on our webpage, Instagram @BCInsulators, and our Facebook […]

Organizers Committee hits Brentwood Mall

Bright and early this morning the Building Trades Organizers Committee, which includes Brother Neil Munro and Sister Ashley Duncan, had a coffee and donuts rally at Brentwood Mall. They were all fortunate to have a bright, sunny day, and had a lot of people come by, even some members stopped […]