58th Annual BC FED Convention

Last week was a full and busy week with Sister Ashley Duncan, Brother Garrett Gronick, Brother Lee Loftus, and Brother Neil Munro attending. This year was particularly important as Irene Lanzinger stepped down as President, and Aaron Ekman stepped down as Secretary-Treasurer. Everyone had nothing but amazing things to say […]

Lobbying Day 2018 in Ottawa

Following Women Build Nations, Brother Lee Loftus and Sister Ashley Duncan joined BC Building Trades and Canadian Building Trades in Ottawa for Lobby Day. “It was such a cool experience, I was so grateful to be able to join. We met with every party to discuss CBA’s, women in trades, the underground […]

Women Build Nations 2018

Ashley Duncan and Lee Loftus attended this years Women Build Nations Conference in Seattle, Washington. Women Build Nations is the annual North American Women’s Conference. It was widely attended by people from all over, including Ireland! The WBN Conference not only holds multiple workshops, speakers and courses through-out the 3 days, […]

Local 95 taking on Energy Audits

Bob Barter and Ashley Duncan are heading to Toronto, Ontario to assist Local 95 on the thermography camera, audit software and report process. BC Insulators have been working very hard to make our Sustainability Program the gold standard across Canada, and assisting Local 95 with our programs is one of […]