Green Chamber of Commerce BC (GCCBC) Founders’ Club Workshop

On Tuesday, September 25th, the Green Chamber of Commerce BC (GCCBC) Founders’ Club Workshop held its first ever Open Space Technology event. Lee Loftus and Lyndon Johnson from the BC Insulators spoke to the work shop attendees about green washing and the need for assurances that consumers receive value for […]

The BC Insulators Are Radical

The federal government is continuing to dismantle Canada’s environmental protections that have been built up through decades of science and public input. At the same time, they have tried to smear those who try to protect the environment  by calling them radicals and extremists.   If it is radical to: […]

Success in Portland Living Futures Portland 2012

When the BC Insulators presented Mechanical Insulation solutions at this years Living Futures, it was well received by those in attendance. Standing along side the BC Insulators was Steve Clayman of TIAC, Thermal Insulation Association of Canada, and Local 36 Business Manager Stan C. Danielson, and  Business Agent Alan Davis. Local […]

We are the workers who build Canada.

Pipelines, bridges, power generating plants, family homes, office buildings, factories and roads — Canada’s private sector union workers get the job done by working with the Government of Canada.   Today, we need your help to remind the Government that we are their partner and that we contribute to Canada’s […]