June 2012 General Meeting

. June 12th 2012 Local 118s General meeting was held at the Operating Engineers Hall on Ledger Road in Burnaby. This is the place to be to find out the latest news on the Work Outlook,Financial Reports, and all other aspects of Union business. The meeting commenced at 7:00pm with […]

Winner Of The Master Apprentice Competition

Congratulation to Local 119 apprentice Sonny Shuparski from Saskatchewan, this years winner in the Western Canadian Master Apprentice Competition. Sonny will now head off to New York City  were he will represent western Canada at the “Best of the Best” International Master Apprentice Competition. Ken Jakobsson the BC Insulation Instructor at BCIT was […]

Mulcair’s oilsands message risks alienating union base

If his recent tour of the oilsands didn’t convince federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair about its importance to all of Canada, perhaps this will. The day after Mulcair’s oilsands tour, skilled trades unions – one of the NDP’s main constituencies – announced a partnership with the Canadian Association of Petroleum […]

The BC Insulators Are Radical

The federal government is continuing to dismantle Canada’s environmental protections that have been built up through decades of science and public input. At the same time, they have tried to smear those who try to protect the environment  by calling them radicals and extremists.   If it is radical to: […]