Brother Lee Loftus Talks to CBC on Asbestos and the Cassiar Mine

Brother Loftus Talks to CBC About Asbestos, Cassiar mine Please take the time to listen to the interview CBC Interview   

Local 118 member Alexander Sharp talks about his exposure to asbestos

CBC interviewed local 118 member Alexander Sharp  talks about his exposure to asbestos. Brother Sharp installed and removed asbestos over his 45 year career, and told the CBC that a CT scan would be too late for him. Please take the time to watch the interview.

Some former B.C. asbestos workers living in fear

Hundreds of former residents of a B.C. asbestos-mining town may have a time bomb ticking in their lungs – and because no one is tracking their health as a group, many of them might not be aware of the potential danger they face, CBC News has learned. An estimated 50,000 […]

Epidemiologists denounce asbestos trade

Ban all asbestos mining, export and use. That’s the demand made in a statement issued today and endorsed by over 150 organizations around the world. Organized by the Joint Policy Committee of the Societies of Epidemiology, with an initial draft dated June 4, the statement has garnered endorsements from scientific […]