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Official news magazine of the BC Federation of Retired Union Members BC FORUM. Download your copy here: Advocate Winter 2018 As stated in the magazine, Heat and Frost will pay The Advocate’s first year dues for qualified members.

Retirees Lunch

Wednesday, December 6th was our Retirees lunch, and it was extra special as our current Business Manager, Lee Loftus, is also becoming a retiree! We heard wonderful words from incoming Business Manager, Neil Munro, as well as Rod Mickleburgh, who recently published a book called “On The Line: A History […]

58th Annual BC FED Convention

Last week was a full and busy week with Sister Ashley Duncan, Brother Garrett Gronick, Brother Lee Loftus, and Brother Neil Munro attending. This year was particularly important as Irene Lanzinger stepped down as President, and Aaron Ekman stepped down as Secretary-Treasurer. Everyone had nothing but amazing things to say […]