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Standardization of MI Audits Across the Country

Bob Barter and Ashley Duncan recently met with Adam Melnick and John Swart of Heat and Frost Insulators Local 95 in Toronto, Ontario. They assisted Local 95 with an audit of the Markham District Energy Plant. They gave them the tools needed to properly use the FLIR camera, the 3E […]

Local 95 taking on Energy Audits

Bob Barter and Ashley Duncan are heading to Toronto, Ontario to assist Local 95 on the thermography camera, audit software and report process. BC Insulators have been working very hard to make our Sustainability Program the gold standard across Canada, and assisting Local 95 with our programs is one of […]

Canadian Conference 2018

Brothers Lee Loftus, Neil Munro, Bob Barter, and Garrett Gronick attended the Canadian Conference of Heat and Frost Insulators in Edmonton, Alberta last week. The Canadian Conference is a gathering of all the Locals in Canada to report out on conditions, the Collective Agreement, and the challenges for the year […]

Advocate Summer Edition 2018

Official news magazine of the BC Federation of Retired Union Members BC FORUM. Download your copy here: Advocate Summer 2018